Gallery Wall Layouts with Whelhung: Transform Your Space Effortlessly

Creating a gallery wall can be daunting, but with Whelhung's innovative, no-tools, no-mess hanging solution, it's never been easier. Our simple stick-to-the-wall system using 3M tabs allows you to swap out artwork easily for holidays or whenever you feel like refreshing your space.

Here are some tips and ideas for creating stunning gallery wall layouts with Whelhung.


Gris based gallery wall hung up in a nursery

1. The Classic Grid

A grid layout is perfect for those who love symmetry and order. Here's how to achieve it:

Select Your Art: Choose a series of prints or canvases with a common theme or color scheme.

Measure and Plan: Use a ruler and pencil to mark the spots where each piece will go. Ensure equal spacing between each frame for a clean look.

Stick and Adjust: Apply Whelhung's 3M tabs to the back of your art and stick them to the wall. Our system allows for easy adjustments, so don't worry if you need to realign.


Gallery wall of eclectic prints hung above a couch in a living room

2. Eclectic Mix

If you prefer a more relaxed, bohemian vibe, an eclectic mix might be your style:

Mix and Match: Combine different types of art, including prints, canvases, and even objects like mirrors or clocks.

Varied Layout: Arrange your pieces in a non-linear fashion. Start with the largest piece in the center and build outwards.

Layer and Overlap: Don't be afraid to layer pieces or let them slightly overlap for a more dynamic look.


Linear style gallery wall hung above a desk in a bedroom

3. Linear Layout

For a sleek, modern feel, try a linear layout:

Horizontal Line: Hang your artwork in a straight horizontal line. This works well above furniture like sofas or beds.

Vertical Line: Alternatively, a vertical line can draw the eye upwards and add height to your room.

Consistency: Keep the spacing between each piece consistent to maintain a streamlined appearance.


Asymmetrical gallerty wall above a cradle in a nursery

4. Asymmetrical Balance

Achieve a balanced yet dynamic look with an asymmetrical layout:

Anchor Piece: Choose a larger piece as your focal point and place it slightly off-center.

Balance with Smaller Pieces: Surround it with smaller pieces, balancing the visual weight across the wall.

Experiment: Play around with the arrangement until it feels right. With Whelhung's easy-to-adjust system, you can experiment without worry.


Storytelling gallery wall above a couch in a living room

5. Storytelling Wall

Tell a story through your gallery wall by grouping related pieces:

Chronological Order: Arrange photos or artwork chronologically to depict a timeline.

Thematic Grouping: Group pieces by theme, such as travel photos, family portraits, or nature prints.

Personal Touch: Add personal items like letters, souvenirs, or quotes to make the wall uniquely yours.


 Why Choose Whelhung?

Whelhung takes the stress out of creating gallery walls. Our no-tools, no-mess hanging solution is perfect for renters, frequent decorators, or anyone who loves to switch up their space without the hassle of nails and hammers. Plus, our 3M tabs make it easy to move and adjust your artwork as often as you like.

Ready to Create Your Gallery Wall?

Visit Whelhung to explore our range of beautiful, ready-to-hang canvases and start designing your dream gallery wall today. With Whelhung, transforming your space is as simple as stick, adjust, and admire.


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