Hang It Right: Tips for Picking the Perfect Canvas Size

Choosing the right size for your canvas art is just as important as selecting the perfect piece. The size of the artwork can dramatically affect the look and feel of a room, either enhancing your decor or overwhelming your space. At Whelhung, we believe that understanding how to choose the right size can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Consider the Space

Before you start shopping, take a good look at the room where you plan to hang the artwork. Consider the following factors:

  • Wall Space: Measure the wall where the canvas will hang. This gives you a clear idea of how much room you have to work with.
  • Furniture: The artwork should complement, not overpower, the furniture. A large canvas over a small piece of furniture can look out of proportion, while a small piece above a large piece can seem lost.

Standard Sizes and Their Impact

Different sizes can create different effects in a room. Here are some of our standard canvas sizes and how they typically impact a space:

  • Small (12x18” inches): Perfect for creating a gallery wall or adding a touch of interest in a tight space like a hallway or bathroom. These sizes are also great for pairing in sets.
  • Medium (16x24”, 24x24”, 24x36”, 32x32” inches): Versatile and easy to place, medium-sized canvases can fit well over small furniture pieces or in groupings.
  • Large (20x30”, 32x32”, 32x48” inches): Ideal for making a statement. These pieces work well as focal points above sofas, beds, or mantels.
  • Extra Large (30x60”, 20x40, 40x40” ): Bold and dramatic, extra-large canvases can dominate a wall and become the centerpiece of a room. Like our Gallery Wall options.

Placement Tips

Placement is key to making your canvas art look intentional and well-integrated:

  • Above Furniture: A common rule is to choose art that is about two-thirds the width of the furniture it will hang above. This creates a balanced look.
  • Gallery Walls: When creating a gallery wall, use a mix of small and medium pieces. Lay them out on the floor first to find a pleasing arrangement before hanging.
  • Solo Statement Pieces: For large, standalone pieces, ensure there’s enough blank space around the artwork to let it breathe and stand out.

Height Matters

The height at which you hang your art can affect how it’s perceived:

  • Eye Level: The center of the artwork should be at eye level, which is typically around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This makes the art feel connected to the viewer.
  • Above Furniture: If placing art above furniture, leave 6 to 12 inches of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the art.

Scale and Balance

Achieving the correct scale and balance ensures that your artwork enhances the room without overwhelming it:

  • Proportion: Make sure the size of the artwork is proportional to the wall and surrounding decor. Too small, and it gets lost; too big, and it dominates the space.
  • Grouping: If a single large piece feels too bold, consider a series of smaller pieces that together occupy the same space. This can add interest and texture to your wall.

Whelhung Has You Covered

At Whelhung, we understand that size matters when it comes to selecting canvas art. Our diverse collection offers a variety of sizes to suit any space, ensuring your walls are perfectly 'well-hung'. Whether you're looking for a small accent piece or a large statement work, we have the perfect canvas to fit your room and style. Explore our collection today and find the ideal size that speaks to you!

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